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Darryl Edric Pugh, Sr.

About The LA Photo Club

The LA Photo Club is the brainchild of award-winning filmmaker and photographer Darryl Edric Pugh, Sr. 

The idea is to capture the moments in your Los Angeles, California experience on full frame digital photography and to bring back the print movement.

Since the invention of the smartphone and their ability to capture stunning moments, this lost art form has become void on the walls of homes around the world.

Darryl and wife/partner Renee are on a mission to fill these walls once again with framed prints that can only be ordered through their unique online digital photography store.


Click on the images below that match the day and location of your street photography session with Darryl.

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If you are looking for a way to get stunning prints of your LA Trip...

Then I urge you to click on the image above to order your framed prints that will bring lasting memories to your family's home for years to come. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't miss out. Order before your photos are taken down forever. 

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Absolutely stunning...

Darryl Edric Pugh, Sr. is on of the best photographers in our lifetime. He is able to capture our complex lives with simple motives. His spur of the moment street Photography contains some of his best photos your family will ever have on the walls of your home or office.


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